Meet the Robust team

  • Cinematographer and Programmer

    Rick Netshiozwi (South Africa)

    Rick is highly skilled in programming, graphic design, filming and story telling. With a vast knowledge on filming Rick has built a formidable filming crew that can film almost anything from drones to handheld camera. Rick is experienced in movie's, Music Videos, Adverts and even series.

  • International Marketer 

    Joan Peterson (United States)

    Joan is a vibrant digital marketer who understands the social media world without fail. With over 12 years experience in social media and marketing, she has been a wonderful resource to RNM in getting its reach to be international and local.

  • Website Developer and Photographer

    Success Patosi (South Africa)

    Success develops some of the best websites seen out there. He is a great professional photographer who shoots some of the best photos your eyes might have come across. His graphic designing, photography and website development skill has made him an all round website developer.

  • Editorial Manager

    Vihaan Naidoo (India)

    Vihaan has been with RNM for four years now. He is an editor of note. When it comes to Final Cut Pro X, Premier Pro and Davinci Resolve no one can match the pro-res that flows from Vihaan. He has edited some of the best commercials that have made it on some of the greatest broadcast platforms.

  • Developmental LE and CE Proofreading

    Julia Miller (United States)

    Julia has written and published over 100 books that have sold both nationally and internationally. Being an international publisher through RNM, she is a prolific English writer and well learned gramma professional. The books she assisted writers to publish has sold on places like Amazon, Ibooks, Exclusive books, Cum Books, Google books and much more.

  • Admin and Finance

    Jeanette Skosana (South Africa)

    Jeanette is the finance Guru behind RNM. she is in charge of the automated system that handles the invoices. She is also a professional model and face of RNM. She is highly skilled in modelling and marketing. Her image and how she portrays herself has made RNM what it is today.

  • Digital Marketer and Storyteller

    Makena Wawuda (Kenya)

    A professional storyteller at your disposal. Makena has been known to write great, emotional and realistic stories that capture your attention. A talent like story telling is not easy to find, but Makena is an exception. Her skill has added so much value to RNM.

  • Graphic Designer and Editor

    Joshua Abrahamas (South Africa-Cape Town)

    Joshua the prolific graphic designer. He has designed projects that have landed on billboards, Tv Ads, Logos and much more. His skill and attention to detail has left many clients astonished and bewildered. Graphic designer who design according to your desire are not easy to find. But RNM houses one.

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