Using RNM Media & Sound, you'll be able to customize your podcasting experience to suit your needs. Unlimited podcasts may be created and distributed, comprehensive analytics can be gleaned, all which can be monetized and promoted all from a single location.


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  •   Full use of Captivate, no features held back!

  • Create unlimited podcasts, unlimited shows and launch to Apple, Spotify, Amazon and more!

  • Complete, personal support from Sam and our friendly global team.

  • Brand new podcast-growth features released every Thursday!

  • No obligation to stay, at all!

  • Access to our private podcasting education Facebook group and live, deep-dive Q&A sessions.

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RNM has been made to be user-friendly for beginning podcasters just like you by adhering to a strict "no jargon" guideline; this allows you to concentrate on the more enjoyable aspects of podcasting.

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Starting your subscription gives you immediate access to the whole platform, including step-by-step instructions, 24/7 support, and video lessons that walk you through the entire podcasting process step-by-step.

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No Pressure

We've been able to construct a podcasting platform that puts what you need, where you need it, by creating RNM as professional podcasters just like you. And, of course, we're constantly adding new features!

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