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A studio that can handle practically any assignment, from fashion to portraiture to product photography. Designed for content, instructional, promotional, and marketing video creation by filmmakers. RNM Studio offers a complete solution, from design to manufacturing to final delivery.

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RNM is a fully-functioning studio that may be rented by photographers and videographers in Gauteng. Bookings may be made six days a week at this location.

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RNM Studios offers a wide range of rental options, whether you need a camera for an hour, a day, or a lengthy period of time. Interested in learning more about our Studio Membership? We also offer lessons too.


RNM Media and Sound has a  Photo Studio Rental Facility for Amateurs and Professional Photographers alike. 

RNM Photo Studio Rental is conveniently situated in Pretoria North, Pretoria area - close to Montana in Pretoria, South Africa.  


The studio is owner-operated by Rick Netshiozwi, with more than 15 years experience in this industry. RNM Staff, Jeanette and Success will freely assist all new photographers with setting up their 1st studio light setup, and they also love sharing their lifelong experience in photography, video and media production.

Everyone  who leaves after their 1st rental experience at RNM Studios with more knowledge, enthusiasm & a more positive outlook growing their business and can't wait to come back for their next studio experience.

Nothing gives us more joy - seeing our clients grow and expand their own photographic careers under our roof.

Below follows all the info you need to decide if our studio is the right studio for your next shoot.  Thanks for popping by!


Photography Studio Hire


Studio Rental Includes


You can see photos of the studio setup below above or make a personal visit.

Rental of the studio space is 100% private, NOT BRANDED and you can actually promote the space as “your very own” resident studio to your clients. We have many professional photographers doing this already.

You will get access to a dressing room, open public space and a fully furnished kitchen. We also have safe parking for 4 cars with no roof. 

Free WiFi, yes we have just installed fiber internet for use during your shoot at our studio.  


** If you overshoot by 15min or more, R250 p/hr overtime will be charged additional to the booking fee.

NB! Rather add a hour extra to your booking if you think time will be tight - you will save a lot!


Studio Availability

The studio is available 6 days a week from 8am till late at night.

3 half-day sessions available: 
Morning | Afternoon | Evening (till 8pm)

Studio Rental Time Includes!
Rental starts the moment the 1st person enters the studio. This includes setup and breakdown time! If the makeup room is to be used for makeup or preparation - then this time must be included in the rental time to be booked.

and remember:
*** If you overshoot by 15min or more, overtime will be charged additional to the booking fee.

Terms of payment.
Must pay on the day - we accept: Cash, Credit/ Debit Card.
If you bank with FNB, then an instant Geo-payment via the FNB app.

NB! NB! If you request payment via EFT - then payment must reflect 24hrs before shoot starts.